revcooling.com is the corporate website for Revolutionary Cooling Systems, Inc. (RCS).
RCS is a product development company specializing in the fields of thermodynamics, heat transfer, and fluid dynamics. RCS also supports the manufacturing, sales and marketing of its internally developed products. In addition, RCS runs a field service unit for residential mechanical work. Founded in 1996, RCS is a privately held company headquartered in Hyde Park, NY.
Learn more about our focuses and what we do below.

Areas of Focus

Consumer Products

We develop and sell small electric appliances and gadgets that let our consumers enjoy chilled beverages (wine, beer, soda, juices, water, etc).  We specialize in products of convenience and simplicity.

Commercial Products and Solutions

We provide our commercial customers with appliances and products for rapid chilling of liquids in the foodservice and retail industries.  We work with our clients to find the best solutions for their needs.

Residential Heating and Cooling

We specialize in residential heating and cooling solutions in the Dutchess County, New York area.  Our goal is to provide home comfort and energy/cost savings for our customers through state-of-the-art equipment installations and retrofits.

What We Do

Product Development

Our team of engineers has over 20 years experience in product development, rapid prototyping, and design for manufacture.  Our engineers specialize in thermodynamics and manufacturing.  Our consumer products focus is on small electrics and gadgets.


We work with our clients to find the right solutions for their needs.  We provide consulting as a value-added service for our commercial product lines.  We also provide consulting and engineering support for entrepreneurs and businesses looking to turn an idea into a developed product.

HVAC Contracting

Our crew does new-housing HVAC installations for large builders in the Dutchess County, New York area.  We have an in-house duct shop and warehouse other supplies needed to reduce job completion times.

Marketing and Sales

Our marketing and sales teams work to make our products stand out and stay competitive.


We handle the logistics for our products and supplies for our manufacturing activities in all focuses of our business.


We provide support and service to keep all our customers and clients as our number one priority.

What else do we provide?

Unconventional Thinking

We are not afraid to think outside the box.

Worldwide Approach

We are a globally-minded company.  We look forward to provide our products and solutions in any worldwide market.

Management Team

Greg Loibl
President and Chief Executive Officer
Laura Piccolo
Chief Financial Officer
Michael Gutierrez
Manager of Research and Development
Kevin Ahern
Manager of Field Services

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