Product Development

Our team of engineers has over 20 years experience in product development, rapid prototyping, and design for manufacture.  Our engineers specialize in thermodynamics and manufacturing.  Our consumer products focus is on small electrics and gadgets.


We work with our clients to find the right solutions for their needs.  We provide consulting as a value-added service for our commercial product lines.  We also provide consulting and engineering support for entrepreneurs and businesses looking to turn an idea into a developed product.

HVAC Contracting

Our crew does new-housing HVAC installations for large builders in the Dutchess County, New York area.  We have an in-house duct shop and warehouse other supplies needed to reduce job completion times.

Marketing and Sales

Our marketing and sales teams work to make our products stand out and stay competitive.


We handle the logistics for our products and supplies for our manufacturing activities in all focuses of our business.


We provide support and service to keep all our customers and clients as our number one priority.